Studio Rome Workshop

Visitors (or Rome residents) who join Studio Rome receive our members’ packet with maps, timelines and our personal recommendations. At no extra cost you are invited to take part in the Studio Rome Architects and Artisans Workshop, which unveils Rome as few have experienced it before.

Designed as an alternative to sightseeing tours, instead of seeing the big monuments we keep to the backstreets, away from the crowds, ducking in and out of palace courtyards, chapels and cloisters, and stopping to talk with artisans and artists.

Walks depart from the studio after a briefing and a chance to interrogate maps and peruse historic images. For the next three hours you will explore the city, admiring and discussing its architectural riches, occasionally stopping for a coffee or a snack, and stepping into a workshop or a cloister or descending to visit underground ruins. Our alumni have said that although the time flies quickly, they continue to process the experience for years to come.

We’ll help you plan your time in Rome long before you arrive, and be a resource for you while you are here and after you have returned home and started planning your next trip.

timelines and maps

The Studio Rome fee of $US 125/person includes

  • personalized consulting by email, phone or in person.
  • our hand crafted welcome packet, delivered to your address in Rome or to your home before departure
  • special access to online resources such as our events calendar and carefully cultivated listings
  • invitations to exclusive cultural events, exhibit openings, concerts, and more
  • an invitation to join the Studio Rome workshop and walk.

Join Studio Rome and reserve a spot on one of our scheduled workshops by clicking on the booking link below.