1. Prêt-à-Porter (3-hour thematic workshops)

Tom Group Tom giving tour
Our typical small group chatting about the Flavian Amphitheater

These 3-hour thematic workshops unveil Rome’s architecture as few have experienced it before. For a richer learning experience we bring together small groups of like-minded participants (no more than six people total) to explore the urban backstreets, archaeological treasures, grand palaces and churches, and contemporary hot-spots of Rome. Workshops are led by top experts in architectural history, urban planning, landscape and other relevant fields.

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2. One-Week Study Trips

A week rich in memorable experiences

Dates: 7-14 October 2017

From ancient settlements on the hills to the Fascist era expansion, from its founding in the 8th century BC to its presence as a thriving European metropolis today, no other city has witnessed as much history as Rome. This course follows that evolution through its major phases, choosing several principal monuments from each period to visit and analyze in-depth.

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3. Bespoke (custom-tailored programs)

AACUPI Abruzzo visit L'Aquila - 40
Special access to off-limits sites
Special event at Palazzo Massimo

Equipped with years of experience and boundless knowledge and contacts in Italy, our creative team works together with institutional and private clients in a collaborative process that borrows from the world of design.

Step by step, from initial consulting to post-event followup,  we transform your dreams and ideas into unique, custom-tailored programs.

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